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Approved Projects
Sevilla, Spain
Grow is an InterregIIIC project co-financed by the European Community. It has been developed by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) in collaboration with the South England Regional Assembly and the Environment Agency.
The INTERREG IIIC programme is one of the three strands of the European Community Initiative INTERREG III. INTERREG III is designed to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union (EU) by promoting cross-border (strand A), trans-national (strand B) and interregional (strand C) co-operation.
The objective of the Interreg IIIC programme is to encourage co-operation between European regions to improve the effectiveness of policies and instruments for regional development and cohesion. The programme is an opportunity to share best practice and develop innovation with regions in the EU and enlargement countries.
A regional framework operation (RFO) is aimed at exchanging experience on methodology and project-based activities between a group of regions. The goal is to produce a clear strategic approach to interregional co-operation for the participants, which will allow them to develop a process of exchange and learning, which can grow over the long-term